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「iPhone XS Max」と「Galaxy Note9」の違い - フォトスク.

Galaxy note9とiPhone XS Maxはどちらも大画面の高スペックスマホです。話題のiPhone XS Maxはもちろんのこと、Galaxy note9にいたっては久々の日本国内販売モデルとあって気になって []. 2018/09/25 · The iPhone XS Max sports the largest screen that Apple has ever put in an iPhone, backed up by the lightning fast A12 Bionic processor. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 is a productivity powerhouse with some of the beefiest. スポンサードリンク 最新記事 Galaxy Note 10Xの発売日,価格,スペック,最新情報 Galaxy Note 9とGalaxy S10 PlusS10を比べてみました! Galaxy Note 9対iPhone XS Max比較:違いは何?どっちがいい? Galaxy Note 9対Galaxy S9.

the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are powerful devices, with advanced cameras and large screens. Join us in this comparison to know what is the best. 2018/09/15 · [MUSIC] If you're looking for a big, new phone you might Be choosing between the iPhone 10S Max and Galaxy Note 9. Let's break down the specs and work out which of these premium Phones is right for you. Premium. iPhone Xs Max or Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Is Apple's new 'Plus'-sized iPhone better or Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 better in terms of display, battery life, camera, and performance? Find out in. The ongoing war between Apple and Samsung fans will rage on once again. With the release of the iPhone XS Max, Apple has presented a stronger adversary for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, released earlier. Both stack up well.

2018/10/15 · Does this surprise you? The iPhone XS Max has the largest screen of the four, with a 6.5-inch display. The V40 and Galaxy Note 9 come in at 6.4 inches apiece and the Pixel 3 XL has a 6.3-inch display. But it's the LG V40 that. Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mobile Comparison - Compare Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in India, Camera, Size and other specifications at Gadgets Now Tue, Dec 31 Gadgets Now.

2018/10/05 · The Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max are two of the biggest, most powerful, and most expensive mainstream smartphones we’ve ever seen. Let’s find out which one is the better thousand-dollar smartphone in our full Samsung. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Samsung Galaxy Note 9 y Apple iPhone XS Max? Descubre cuál es mejor y su puesto en la clasificación de teléfonos móviles. Categorías Buscar teléfonos móviles cámaras auriculares es Resumen . Galaxy Note 9 iPhone XR iPhone XS iPhone XS Max OS Android 8.1 Oreo iOS 12 iOS 12 iOS 12 Pixel density 521 ppi 326 ppi 458 ppi 458 ppi Display 6.4 inch 6.1 inch 5.8 inch 6.5 inch Battery 4100 mAh 2716mAh 3300 mAh. Apple iPhone XS Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mobile Comparison - Compare Apple iPhone XS Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price in India, Camera, Size and other specifications at Gadgets Now Thu, Nov 28, 2019 SIGN IN. 2018/09/13 · iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: quelles différences ? Avec le nouvel iPhone XS Max, Apple s’inscrit pleinement dans la lignée des phablets, et rivalise ainsi avec la gamme Galaxy Note de son rival Samsung. Le.

2018/09/24 · ところがiPhone XSの2機種のうち、サイズの大きいiPhone XS Maxのスペックを見てみると画面サイズが6.4インチもあるではないですか。これはGalaxy Note9と同じ大きさです。初代からGalaxy Noteシリーズを使い続けてきている筆者にとっ. 2018/09/13 · Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max? Compare before you upgrade Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is a business productivity powerhouse that the consumer electronics giant desperately wants to go mainstream. Whether you.

2018/09/13 · Apple Inc. introduced the world to its largest-ever smartphone Wednesday, the iPhone Xs Max. With a 6.5-inch screen, it dwarfs the 3.5-inch display on the original iPhone that Steve Jobs unveiled to the world in 2007. It’s. 2018/09/23 · iPhone Xs v OnePlus 6 v Galaxy Note 9 - One of these smartphones just embarrassed the rest APPLE’S new iPhone Xs Max has just gone head-to-head with some of the fastest Android devices money can buy. Here’s. 2018/09/13 · iPhone XS and XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Design and dimensions Apple The Note 9 isn’t a small phone. Its bezels are ever-so-slightly bigger than the Note 8, and while its forehead and chin are slimmed, they’re still quite a bit. 2018/09/28 · iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: We compare the big phones Apple and Samsung recently released large flagship smartphones priced at $1,000. They are close to the same size and have the latest specs.

2020/01/01 · iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: design The iPhone XS Max doesn’t look dramatically different from the iPhone X, but it’s significantly bigger: the OLED panel has grown from 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches. It retains the. iPhone Xs Max v Galaxy Note 9: test du son Nos confrères d’AppleInsider se sont chargés d’orchestrer un duel entre le smartphone d’Apple et celui de Samsung afin de les départager dans le domaine de l’audio. Et le verdict ne s’est.

It's the battle of the smartphone titans: Apple and Samsung keep trading blows, year in and year out, and this autumn the fight is being waged between the iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9. On the surface, they're two very different. Review Comparison iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9: Specs Showdown Here is the specs showdown of iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9. Take a look at it by yourself in. Apple has finally released its new lineup of the iPhones. In the first lap, the iPhone XS Max took 1 minute 49 seconds, while the Galaxy Note 9 was significantly slower at 2 minutes and 11 seconds. In the second round of the speed test, the iPhone XS Max took 43 seconds, while the. Let’s pit the one of the very best that the Android side has to offer with the best of the iOS bunch to see which is worthy to sit atop the smartphone camera summit. With both the iPhone XS Max and Note 9 having eerily similar entry.

2018/09/13 · iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Who wins in the smartphone clash? The new iPhone battles against the Samsung - how do the smartphones compare?. The new iPhone is here, but how does it fare against the. 2018/09/15 · Samsung Galaxy Note 9 iPhone Xs Max Pantalla 6.4”, QHD de 1440 x 2960 pí xeles 323ppp Panel OLED de 6.5 pulgadas, Super Retina HD de 2.688 x 1.242 pí xeles, 458 ppp, HDR10 y Dolby Vision Cámara principal.

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